Welcome to Your Official F.A.Q.!

Thank you for helping us test and build our consolidated F.A.Q.! As we progress into the next stage of development, our focus really is on ensuring that you have everything that you could need at your fingertips. If there is anything that you feel could improve the site, please do reach out to us. Rest assured that this is a living site that will be updated and reviewed periodically by subject matter experts within our agency.

Our primary goals in the current phase are as follows:

  1. IT Intranet integration to enable sharing of contacts, forms, policies & procedure.
  2. Consolidation of information already available from FAQs, guides, and training materials currently available on various shared drives and intranets.
  3. Integration of content feedback gleaned from alpha site and survey.
  4. Focus on identifying subject matter experts in each division who can be tasked with returning to team with a list of info their division feels is most essential.
  5. Focus group testing with new hires, experienced staff, and supervisors to determine what sorts of information are considered most important for inclusion in customer facing positions.